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To order products select your product Category and item from the main menu.

The item details, quantity required input and, where appropriate, colour choice will appear on the main page.

Where necessary when a colour is chosen, a representation of the colour will be shown to give an indication of your selection.

N.B. This is NOT intended to show a true colour, just a guide to show that your choice is correct.

If you require a complete colour chart, this should be ordered direct from our office.


All goods are delivered by APC couriers on an overnight delivery service. Goods should be received in 1-2 days. Should this not be possible the customer will be advised of the expected delivery date. Carriage costs are shown with each order as applicable. There is no carriage charge on orders over £100.00

Should you need to return the goods, please advise us within 21 days. Goods should be re-packed securely and returned by a courier, enclosing the original delivery note with the words 'Returned' stated on it. The cost of the return is paid by the customer. Once received by us the customer will be refunded. We regret opened, part used or damaged items can not be refunded.

General Product Information and Usage.

Nylon Bag: This ink shows excellent wash fastness and opacity for use on Nylons and synthetic fabric. We recommend using this product as a two-pack ink.

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Nylonflex: a Single pack ink dries to a smooth matt finish on many nylons and synthetic fabrics.

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Neptune: a Water-based ink for printing cotton and most 50/50 cotton/polyester blends. Once print is dry the original soft feel is retained on garment. Can be single pack or two pack depending on printing circumstances . Ideal for white and light coloured fabrics.

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Catalysed: a two pack ink for metals, glass and some plastics. The inks dry to a hard chemical resistant gloss film.

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Gloss Vinyl: a low odour ink with great screen stability for printing onto PVC, ABS, Acrylics and Polycarbonate. This ink is petrol resistant. A Full Gloss finish is obtained from Gloss Vinyl ink.

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Matt Vinyl: designed for printing onto PVC and other plastics such as ABS, Polycarb and Polystyrene. Good screen stability drying to a smooth matt finish.

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Dynapoll: Dynapoll Screen inks have been formulated to print on untreated and pre-treated polypropylene and polythene. These inks show excellent adhesion and dry to a scuff resistant smooth semi gloss finish. Only the following colours are designed for outside use codes DY26, DY27, DY107, DY213, DY216, DY318, DY419, DY421, DY422, DY423, DY623, DY624, DY625.

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Rapid Gloss: RAPID GLOSS VINYL screen inks are formulated for printing onto flexible and rigid P.V.C. They dry with a brilliant gloss finish. Prints made with Rapid Gloss Vinyl inks have a hard durable finish with good flexibility and faster drying properties than that of standard Gloss Vinyl ink.

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For Wooden & Aluminium Silkscreens and Squeegees with Handles, Apollo recommends